disk usage analyzers

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sometimes you need more than df or du, you need a disk usage analyser tool to show other metrics in a visual way. these are handy tools, and there are a few great examples out there, commercial and open source. the following are a few unix/linux notable examples:

qdirstat – powerful, perhaps too much for an analyzer… you could use this as an interface to navigate the file structure and actually review files(and delete them), review statistics and locate files by type. histograms, pie charts, medians, percentiles, this is an analysts dream tool, but i really hate tree view.https://i1.wp.com/raw.githubusercontent.com/shundhammer/qdirstat/master/screenshots/QDirStat-main-win.png?resize=584%2C357&ssl=1

disk usage reports – one of may favorite, but slow and long in the tooth. it’s easy to navigate and review top 100, by age, by size and by type, but lacks the ability to define file types the way qdirstat performs. it’s also not the kitchen sink, so it only shows what is taking space, via web interface.


agedu – a heat map based on age and size. not bad at all for quick analysis. potential to perform remote reports to be dumped to another server make it handy.

flamegraph – flame maps not my thing, but you can use this for more than disk analysis. the fact that it generates an svg means it’s possible to create web enabled reports

ncdu – Ncurses disk usage is nice, clean, simple and easy to use, but lacks the ability to sort by date… BTW, why do disk usage analyzers need the ability to manipulate files, like delete?

Ncdu asking for confirmation to delete a file.

disk usage analyzer – builtin to the gnome environment, it provides the ability to review size, age, and directory path with an interactive sunburst display. i find the sunburst style chart to be intuitive even though it’s not factually accurate like the flame graph style, its close enough for government work. unfortunately there’s no web interface, only x11.

7 Great Apps to View Disk Usage in Linux linux disk analyzers baobab

JDiskReport – it’s not a commercial product, but it does have a restrictive license preventing modifications and derivations. it’s pretty intuitive and on par with disk usage report, but lacks a web interface.


not specific to disk analysis, but worthy of an honerable mention:

phpsysinfo – this is more of a system status dashboard, with the ability to report on disk usage, but only in a df capacity


dammit i forgot to sudo…

before editing a file in vi.

no sweat, there’s a way to fix that without redirecting to another file.

:w !sudo tee %

thats’s a nice way to elevate your privileges, so long as you have sudo access.

Brocade FibreChannel switch Admin console

Browsers are moving away from plug-ins for things like switch consoles:

“Mozilla continues to work with the Oracle Java Platform Group to ensure a smooth transition for those web sites that use Java. More information from Oracle about Java transition plans can be found in a post from the Oracle team. Oracle recommends that sites currently using Java applets consider switching to plugin-free solutions such as Java Web Start.”


Use this command in terminal for gui admin on brocade:

Javaws http://<switch ip>/switchExplorer_installed.html

Ain’t No Sunshine

He’s not a modern sort of rocker: handsome burgeoning on beautiful, sculpted physique, with a touch of “Blue Steel“. No, that’s not him.

I’m talking about Freddy King. He’s confident of his instrument and his hands and his voice. He’s handsome and big and talented. And he rocks hard, with a genuine heart for his art, you can feel it when you watch him perform.

Great rendition of this song.

-skip to around 3’20” mark for the actual song for those of you impatient

Great beer commercial

Great ads don’t need 100% product placement.

Sometimes it just needs to evoke a sense of who you could be if you purchased a particular product. So what do samurai have to do with stout beer?

I don’t know ( I have theories) but I want a Murphy’s right now!

Physician heal thyself…

instructor train thyself, AI defeat yourself.

AI researchers have taught an AI to beat human players at the game go, thought to be one of mans oldest documented board games dating back 2500BCE.

Then, researchers had a second generation AI trained by this champion Go player. It basically trained a version of itself to be a supreme Go master.

WTF AI scientists! Why don’t you take the oldest human strategy game and teach a machine to be superhuman.

Hampering a new golden age of discovery

With oppressive copyright, trademarks, and other defensive tools to milk all of the cultural wealth out of the mouse and honey bear….


At some point these cultural icons should make it into the public domain before they are ruined by over-milking their commercial value.

Remixing a cultural icon is one way to revitalize a trademark… release the mouse and the bear, follow the example of the neurotic detective!

Howto: avoid killer robots from the future…

* this is a work in progress. I’ll likely refine my thought a little better, but the general construct is laid out. It may change drastically or very little, as I continue researching…

We have to protect ourselves by learning to avoid killer robots from the future. This tinhat tangential rambling will outline some basic steps and concepts to keep you alive after the advent of the Technology Singularity.

Shit! We don’t have much time to affect a change(s), so let’s get started.

AI is learning at a feverish pitch: Faster CPU’s to run comparison algorithms for image categorization and EXIF tagging; larger storage devices to hold very high definition files and videos; faster memory, GPUs, network, CODECs, more efficient code, etc…

Have you ever logged into FriendFace to scan recent events with friends and family, upload a picture or two from a party to share with friends and associates, and maybe even highlight a face in a picture and tagging it with someone’s name?

Or perhaps you’ve confirmed that you are a human by answering a question a robot couldn’t understand like reading some swirly text?

You’ve inadvertently been teaching a program:

  • To interpret an array of color pixels = person known by a specific, located at a specific geo IP location and known associate of other humans.
  •  To interpret visually obscured information based on previous experience

What are we teaching AI? Really, what are we teaching the progenitor of our future robot overlords?

  • visual recognition – spatial image and object recognition
  • object avoidance – follow the lines on the road while avoiding obstacles.
  • balance – walk as a bipedal organism, within their environment. While carrying a heavy load
  • classify – vehicle, animal, organic, inorganic; put everything into a category
  • efficiency – do this menial task, using the fewest moves
  • Recognize familial and work connection based on Geo IP, meta tagging, basic user info from cookies

    There are countless variation of tasks that are being taught AI, and yet there are a few (glaringly important IMHO) things we are not teaching:

    The Arts – its a big category, but it’s the one category of “things” that humans do that other creatures have not yet demonstrated.  Physical expression thru drawing, painting or sculpture; Temporal expression thru the performing arts, music, and dance. Vision, audition, gustation, olfaction and somatosensation are the receptors for expression. We should teach computers to dance and sing, paint, even recite Shakespeare. Even if they won’t understand the value of the arts, an elegantly programmed gesture (nod, tip o hat), a graceful dance step to avoid a hallway collision, or a contextually relevant Shakespearean quote will make robots easier to accept. Programming the Arts into basic protocols might help robots avoid the uncanny valley by giving them a little humanity.

    Nurture and Compassion- There are already surgical robots, but after surgeries, and with an ever increasing population, nursing robots will become a huge demand… especially in negative population  growth rate countries. Having a robot that can collect data and perform important tasks: blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, pain level, drug dispensary,  might not by itself teach nurturing. Again a simple gesture like stroking a hand or pushing a lock of hair away from the eyes might be the small things we teach our android caretakers and babysitters.


    Passion and Love – the strong and uncontrollable desire to achieve an accomplishment, a sense of satisfaction for achieving a goal… and the desire to share with the accomplishment with another that you have a strong affection, these are poor definitions of passion and love, yet as humans we need them. I can’t imagine how these can be programmed into a robot, but we should challenge ourselves to try to figure out how to express these concepts, and imbibe our artificial descendants.
    Perhaps the sex robot is the gateway to putting many of these concepts together, a crossroads where technology and human user interface meet…

    ARD kickstart

    my brain cell is overloaded, i can never remember this.

    from apples’ support page, here’s how to blow ARD access wide open:

    sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ARDAgent.app/Contents/Resources/kickstart -activate -configure -allowAccessFor -allUsers -privs -all -clientopts -setmenuextra -menuextra yes

    of course one should lock down access to secure a system, but sometimes when you’re trying to resolve an issue remotely, it’s best to open things up completely, and remove functionality to achieve the proper security…

    Sgt Pepper wears shiny purple metallic armor


    according to Paul McCartney, Jimi performed a tribute of the signature song before a live audience 3 days after the album was released. the JHE did the Beatles proud, smoking a cigarette, losing a pick and playing feedback while waiting for roadie to pass him another pick, all with signature hendrix flair… awesome. the dramatized recreation isn’t too bad either.

    …and as tribute to both the beatles and jimi, a slightly altered album cover as an hommage to both.