Sgt Pepper wears shiny purple metallic armor


according to Paul McCartney, Jimi performed a tribute of the signature song before a live audience 3 days after the album was released. the JHE did the Beatles proud, smoking a cigarette, losing a pick and playing feedback while waiting for roadie to pass him another pick, all with signature hendrix flair… awesome. the dramatized recreation isn’t too bad either.

…and as tribute to both the beatles and jimi, a slightly altered album cover as an hommage to both.

Dazed and confused

Originally written by Jake Holmes, it was reworked by Proto-Zeppelin, the New Yardbirds. Check out the New Yardbirds playing their version of Jake Holmes’ song on Bouton Rouge back in ’68.
Speaking of Bouton Rouge, what a goldmine. Some stellar guests were introduced during their nascent years.

Interactive Vim tutorial

Every new Linux user should learn vi… simple/basic editing in vi:
open an existing file
create a new file
save a file
save a file as a different name
undo a change
cancel saving a file.

this isn’t a vi versus Emacs position, it’s common sense.
vi is installed as a default editor in almost every UNIX-variant.

Dr Taylor has one of the best documents to discuss the devils’ text editor:
Unix is a Four Letter Word… and Vi is a Two Letter Abbreviation

Source: Interactive Vim tutorial

Time travelers and historians are bemused by culture norms between the 2nd and 4th Industrial Revolutions

the pendulum swings from one extreme to another.
the pendulum is always swinging… momentarily finding a center point, but always drifting to the opposite extreme before returning to center again.

what was once acceptable and commonplace is forbidden and inappropriate. consider a book like Nabokov’s Lolita, a story about a forbidden relationship between a 12 year old girl and her stepfather. Originally meant to be erotica, it was later classified as one of the greatest novels of 20th century. a story about sexual predation of a minor. Call it morals or ethics, this book could not have been published in our current time, yet in the 50’s it was allowed to exist, and has morphed into something greater then itself.

here’s an interesting post of some weird sensibility in advertising spanning the 20th century. Using an underaged model (coiffed and madeup) to promote a line of cosmetics is reminiscent of Lolita and more recently of JonBenét Ramsey. It feels wrong or at least akward, but there was a time when it was acceptable enough to use as a concept in an advertisement.

Maybe it’s just the stupidity of the creatives creating the ad campaign… I like Dr Pepper as a soft drink, but i dont associate DP with Dr Pepper. The “I heart DP” campaign probably needed a little more oversight/QC (or common sense) before it was released.

Lorem Ipsum

Need some dummy text while roughing out a design?This will general Pulp Fiction/Jules text for you.

got os x? open up a terminal and paste this:

curl -s |say

Or go to the site to generate the text when mocking up your page layout


AI might be better at playing Angry Birds then humans in the next 7 years

This academic paper is basically a road map to show our robot overlords (or evil scientists) what is required to eliminate humans. Some milestone tasks are likely quickly achieved, such as learning how to play Angry Birds better then a human, which is a virtual achievement(all in software), where as others are a bit more difficult to achieve, such as beating a human in a bipedal 5k race(software and hardware, balance, stereoscopic vision, image recognition, etc).  Curious that AI researchers have the longest viability in the human job market…

The 2 most interesting section of the paper are in the Supplementary Tables, specifically S5: Description of AI Milestones, and curiously S3: Demographic differences between respondents and non-respondents, show most of the respondents(90+%) were male. Unfortunate for the respondents, AI based sex skills are not listed in the AI milestone list.

When Will AI Exceed Human Performance? Evidence from AI Experts