Seminal films


Here’s a few films worth watching, not necessarily for the story telling, but for pure taste of imagination. Some of the imagery continues to be influential. A Socratic ciné moment perhaps…

Un Chien Andalou

L’ Age D’ Or


City Lights

My mind couldn’t simulate a convincing internet experience…

Dreams have the ability to simulate life experiences and mental states, but sometimes it falls flat on its face.

I can’t recall how the dream started… but someone, Bob, that I worked with years ago was involved,  and a conflict resolution event occurred in the form of hailing a taxi, arriving at our destination and exiting the taxi and getting all the luggage took place.

Once we got settled with the taxi, we’re standing on a street corner talking, and Bob comments on a hat that a Japanese woman is wearing. It’s brimmed sun hat of sorts. The woman overhears our conversation and tells us “it’s a Japanese hat gourd hat. It’s a hat made from from the Japanese hat gourd, and is literally shaped like a hat.”

We’re really interested in this, so we start to google for more info. While I’m browsing for results, I can’t get over the weird music and strange search interface. The more I try to make sense of it, the more bizarre it becomes until I wake up.

My brain couldn’t simulate a convincing internet search experience, so its haphazard attempt created a situation that resulted in my brain rejected the scenario.

Use arp to set ip address on APC PDU management interface

on Mac OS, YMMV on linux, but i think syntax is same…

  1. connect directly into the managment port with a straight ethernet cable
  2. find the MAC address for the APC PDU management interface, usually a sticker or paper QC checklist taped to the device.
  3. $ sudo arp -s 192.168.1.X 00:c0:b7:fc:XX:XX
    •this creates a static entry in the arp table telling your machine to identify this IP address to this MAC address
  4. $ ping 192.168.1.X -s 113
    PING 192.168.1.X (192.168.1.X): 113 data bytes
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 1
    121 bytes from 192.168.1.X: icmp_seq=2 ttl=255 time=418.963 ms
    121 bytes from 192.168.1.X: icmp_seq=3 ttl=255 time=0.958 ms
    •this confirms MAC and IP are linked
  5. telnet or www into the PDU(still directly attached) make changes to the IP config, and perform a reboot on the PDU