Ain’t No Sunshine

He’s not a modern sort of rocker: handsome burgeoning on beautiful, sculpted physique, with a touch of “Blue Steel“. No, that’s not him.

I’m talking about Freddy King. He’s confident of his instrument and his hands and his voice. He’s handsome and big and talented. And he rocks hard, with a genuine heart for his art, you can feel it when you watch him perform.

Great rendition of this song.

-skip to around 3’20” mark for the actual song for those of you impatient

Sgt Pepper wears shiny purple metallic armor


according to Paul McCartney, Jimi performed a tribute of the signature song before a live audience 3 days after the album was released. the JHE did the Beatles proud, smoking a cigarette, losing a pick and playing feedback while waiting for roadie to pass him another pick, all with signature hendrix flair… awesome. the dramatized recreation isn’t too bad either.

…and as tribute to both the beatles and jimi, a slightly altered album cover as an hommage to both.

Dazed and confused

Originally written by Jake Holmes, it was reworked by Proto-Zeppelin, the New Yardbirds. Check out the New Yardbirds playing their version of Jake Holmes’ song on Bouton Rouge back in ’68.
Speaking of Bouton Rouge, what a goldmine. Some stellar guests were introduced during their nascent years.