Great beer commercial

Great ads don’t need 100% product placement.

Sometimes it just needs to evoke a sense of who you could be if you purchased a particular product. So what do samurai have to do with stout beer?

I don’t know ( I have theories) but I want a Murphy’s right now!

Hampering a new golden age of discovery

With oppressive copyright, trademarks, and other defensive tools to milk all of the cultural wealth out of the mouse and honey bear….


At some point these cultural icons should make it into the public domain before they are ruined by over-milking their commercial value.

Remixing a cultural icon is one way to revitalize a trademark… release the mouse and the bear, follow the example of the neurotic detective!

Time travelers and historians are bemused by culture norms between the 2nd and 4th Industrial Revolutions

the pendulum swings from one extreme to another.
the pendulum is always swinging… momentarily finding a center point, but always drifting to the opposite extreme before returning to center again.

what was once acceptable and commonplace is forbidden and inappropriate. consider a book like Nabokov’s Lolita, a story about a forbidden relationship between a 12 year old girl and her stepfather. Originally meant to be erotica, it was later classified as one of the greatest novels of 20th century. a story about sexual predation of a minor. Call it morals or ethics, this book could not have been published in our current time, yet in the 50’s it was allowed to exist, and has morphed into something greater then itself.

here’s an interesting post of some weird sensibility in advertising spanning the 20th century. Using an underaged model (coiffed and madeup) to promote a line of cosmetics is reminiscent of Lolita and more recently of JonBenét Ramsey. It feels wrong or at least akward, but there was a time when it was acceptable enough to use as a concept in an advertisement.

Maybe it’s just the stupidity of the creatives creating the ad campaign… I like Dr Pepper as a soft drink, but i dont associate DP with Dr Pepper. The “I heart DP” campaign probably needed a little more oversight/QC (or common sense) before it was released.

Lorem Ipsum

Need some dummy text while roughing out a design?This will general Pulp Fiction/Jules text for you.

got os x? open up a terminal and paste this:

curl -s |say

Or go to the site to generate the text when mocking up your page layout


Bow before me!

An invasive species in the Great Lakes, the round gobie is a mixed bag. Bottom feeder, competes with some native species, but provides sustenance to larger fish. But it’s consumption of zebra mussels might increase its own Hg contamination, which goes up stream to its predators.

Took this little guy (males darken during spawning season) away from my dog before he ate it. Didn’t know the species, so I took a picture for identification later. My photo shoot took  a slight diversion into a quick diorama.

Seminal films


Here’s a few films worth watching, not necessarily for the story telling, but for pure taste of imagination. Some of the imagery continues to be influential. A Socratic ciné moment perhaps…

Un Chien Andalou

L’ Age D’ Or


City Lights

My mind couldn’t simulate a convincing internet experience…

Dreams have the ability to simulate life experiences and mental states, but sometimes it falls flat on its face.

I can’t recall how the dream started… but someone, Bob, that I worked with years ago was involved,  and a conflict resolution event occurred in the form of hailing a taxi, arriving at our destination and exiting the taxi and getting all the luggage took place.

Once we got settled with the taxi, we’re standing on a street corner talking, and Bob comments on a hat that a Japanese woman is wearing. It’s brimmed sun hat of sorts. The woman overhears our conversation and tells us “it’s a Japanese hat gourd hat. It’s a hat made from from the Japanese hat gourd, and is literally shaped like a hat.”

We’re really interested in this, so we start to google for more info. While I’m browsing for results, I can’t get over the weird music and strange search interface. The more I try to make sense of it, the more bizarre it becomes until I wake up.

My brain couldn’t simulate a convincing internet search experience, so its haphazard attempt created a situation that resulted in my brain rejected the scenario.