Leet-user snobbery not just with linux desktop…

“I simply have zero interest in the crowd who wants to be different. Leet. ‘Linux is supposed to be hard so it’s exclusive’ is just the dumbest thing that a smart person could say. People being people, there are of course smart people who hold that view.”

Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical is trying to bring linux into the mainstream by commoditization of the OS. Which means taking a benevolent dictator stance when it come to Unity. Plenty of articles regarding this topic, no need to discuss it ad nauseum… Personally i don’t care for Unity, i feel it’s a less-than-polished implementation of Apples’ fullscreen mode. for the time being i’ve reverted back to gnome panel in my ubuntu 12.04 instance.

What’s really setting Marks’ britches on fire is the leet attitude, that an operating system should be hard to use, and that if your mom/grandma/daughter can use it, then it’s passé, plebeian, a toy and not a real tool… it’s an elitist attitude. so long as linux keeps entry level users at arms length, it will be categorized as a specialty OS. i applaud Mark for his vison to that linux to the masses.

So when i started reading the comments from a huffpo article regarding the samsung galaxy s4, what do i see but the same type of elitist snobbery, touting androids’ superiority over iOS. i get it, people will have their preference for one thing over another, and like all other holy wars opinions will be shared.

We’re talking about a mobile phone, a personal communicator, and as such it should reflect that users personality. but it also needs to be …




basically a tool that works when you grab it.

there’s plenty(of marketshare) to go around for everyone, and frankly a single vendor environment is not going to make things better for anyone. competition improves products for all users. let’s get over phone OS partisanship, and start discussing the real important things, like personal freedom and privacy on communication devices and social networks.

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